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Natural Herbs

Lunar Lady’s

If you wish to join the Luna with Love team and spread Healing, Love, & Light on your time. 

Lunar Kit begins at:.

$175 (Value $250) For 1 Set 

$275 (Value $350) For 2 Sets

$375 (Value $450) For 3 Sets

$20 Shipping for 1 Kit

FREE SHIPPING if you purchase 2 or 3 Kits 


Once the package is purchased it is yours to sell and or keep whatever calls to you. These packages will come with Luna with Love Business cards. You also have full access to one on one training with Luna.

Whats included:

1 Wooden box surprise items fully filled

3 Intuitive decks (tarot) 

1 Witch Hat (Black or Gray)

30 Colored Candles

5 Herb bundles

5 Palo Santo Stick

2 Bags of Herbs

2 Rings

3 Bracelets 

2 Necklaces 

Intuitive Healing, Growing and the Art of Retail Classes 

with Christal Aka Luna 

(Scheduled class)


Stone, jewelry, herbs, color candles, products inside the box, tarot/intuitive deck & the shape of the box will vary in style, shape, & color. No trades.  

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