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 Luna with Love is a metaphysical shop with a variety of unique products and services. We provide crystals, herbs, incense, jewelry, and more. We also offer ordained minister services, tarot readings, an d intuitive guidance. We are a family-run business, operated out of our garage. Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive space for our customers to explore their metaphysical journey.Our growing loyal community of customers know that we’ll always do our best in helping to find balance and positive vibes in their everyday routines and manifesting life to its fullest. Shop with us today and join our growing family of happy customers!


Welcome visitors if your interested in shopping / Tarot Reading / Classes / Parties & having me as a Vendor at your event,Simply Leave a Voice Mail/Text (732)300-5846Or :Email:

Balancing the
Light & Dark
In Our Everyday Lives

Tip & Tithe Both are Appreciated but Neither are Expected or Required.Give as you do everything in life, with intention and from your heart.

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“The space that Luna with Love holds is divine! I feel so loved and close to spirit when I shop and visit. My first tarot reading was so in tune with everything in this lifetime. I was given reassurance and hope for everything I believe in. Nothing but love and community🧿✨💚“

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